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Bennusi offer comprehensive impulse and reaction steam turbine retrofit services for High (HP), High-Intermediate (HIP), Intermediate (IP), and Low Pressure (LP) turbine sections. MD&A/Hitachi provide owners with options to address needs for single and multi-section retrofit packages.

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Steam Turbine Upgrades & Maintenance

gaurdian seal imageRussell Benussi Associates can advise you on the best course of action when it comes to steam turbine repairs, upgrades or maintenance. When considering turbine repair and maintenance often it is more cost effective to consider an upgrade of your existing system which will save you time, money and ensure you comply with environmental regulations.

Steam turbine upgrades can improve capacity and performance of your existing system by incorporating the latest steam path technology to better utilise exhaust streams and incorporating modern control technology.

Russell Benussi Associates are UK suppliers of Stork Thermic and MD&A Turbo machinery parts. Call today to see how you can make savings and improve efficiency.