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Impulse NOx Gas Burner



The impulse burner is able to meet most stringent local and international NOx requirements:

Low Nox systems

Low Nox Burners

Stork thermeq low NOx Gas BurnerEnvironmental control of gas emissions is now a critical part of industry, which is why the installation of Low NOx burners in generation plant is an essential element in controlling noxious gas emissions.

Low NOx burners provide effective removal of pollutant without sacrificing operational efficiency or reliability.

To meet the most stringent NOx requirements the impulse Gas Burner has been developed. This third generation impulse gas burner makes the achievement of single digit NOx values possible, ensuring you meet and exceed environmental standards.

As Authorised Stork Thermeq distributers in the UK Russell Benussi Associates can provide advice on replacement Low NOx burners in petrochemical, power generation and water treatment industries.