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When rpelacing hydrogen seals the significance of axial, parallel, perpendicular and flatness tolerances
required for efficient hydrogen
seal operation cannot be underestimated.

Complete housing reconditioning at will assure the proper fi t of assembly components and greatly reduce the man hours traditionally associated with
fitting the components while in the

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Turbo Machinery - Hydrogen Seals

hydrogen seals imageRussell Benussi Associates are UK distributers of Hydrogen seals for Turbo machinery. Turbine generator hydrogen gas leaks and oil leaks can affect the integrity of the hydrogen seal assembly.

During the manufacturing of bearing and seal components,
precision design parameters that account for friction, expansion and heat dissipation necessitate the use of custom alloys.

It is therefore essential that replacement parts are manufactured to high tolerances and comply with original manufacturer’s specification.

Russell Benussi Associates can advise you on the correct components you need for your specific turbine model and type.
All parts supplied by Russell Benussi are provided with full manufacturer’s warranty.