Product Info:

MDA Replacement Turbine Blades

Improved Efficiency
• Up to an 8% stage efficiency increase on the 26" LSB without a new diaphragm
• Advanced transonic blade profile
• Elimination of tie-wires on vanes up to 26-inch
• 26" blades are covered for improved steam flow

Drop-In Replacement
• No need to replace diaphragms or modify existing components

Replacement turbine blades

Turbine Blade Vanes

MDA Turbine Blades imageRussell Benussi are Authorised UK stockists of turbo parts from MD&A specialist turbine products. We can supply replacement turbine blades and vanes. We can arrange complete overhauls and upgrades of heavy rotating machinery to the power generation industry.

Russell Benussi can arrange specialists to provide testing and inspection of turbine Blades and Vanes and can supply high quality manufactures parts. Russell Benussi are authorised suppliers of MD&A turbine blades.

MDA Turbine Blades: -Proven Operating Results and Experience:
• Over (20) Rows Installed by MD&A on Rotors Manufactured by General Electric Co.
• 26" LSB First Installed in 1991 – Over (110) Rows in Service by 2001
• Installation by Seasoned Technicians Supervised by Highly Experienced MD&A Steampath
• Hitachi has Manufactured Steam Turbines Since 1933
• Over (1,650) Units in Service Worldwide!