Product Info:

Single shell design, low overall height
Flexible design with large operating range


Stork Thermeq - Spray Type Deaerators

Many decades of experience have given the Stork spray type deaerator a unique position in the world markets. The patented design has been used world wide in power plants and industrial installations to the full satisfaction of our customers

  • "work horse" (standard) deaerator
  • Application in power generation, process and chemical industry
  • Standard capacity: 10 to 2000 T/H
  • Operation up to fully demineralized water: outlet below 7 ppb
Vertical deaerator image Vertical
  • suitable for areas, where small footprint is required
  • Net volume up to 30 m3
  • Capacity: 10 to 450 T/H
internal drum deaerator image Internal Drum DA
  • Installed inside the low pressure drum of HRSG's
  • No external steam source required
  • Capacity: 50 to 450 T/H
  • Condensate from condenser (O2 inlet < 100 ppb)Fabricated by boiler / drum manufacturer under Stork licensing

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